McHenry Award Recipients

     New recipients for the 2023 McHenry Awards.

The Board of Directors of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation are excited to announce the 2023 McHenry Award winners.  These deserving ladies have exhibited their dedication to the Foundation through their monetary donations exceeding $5,000 or by sharing a significant amount of their time or talent to support the Foundation.

McHenry Award Recipients for 2023

Linda Gray                         Iras Temple No. 40                                    Boise, ID

Fran Groat                         Islam Temple No. 25                                San Francisco, CA

Shirley Katz                       Islam Temple No. 25                                San Francisco, CA

Patti Larson                       Ammon-Ra Temple No. 56                     Reno, NV

Carol McCormick             Aisha Temple No. 83                                Hartford, CT

Patsy Pollard                     Shimron Temple No. 133                        Pensacola, FL

Mary Vaughn                    Aromaz-Dynasty Temple No. 163        Irondale, AL

Diane Walker                    Mecca Temple No. 34                             San Diego, CA

The McHenry Award is named after John McHenry. John was the lawyer who worked with the founding committee of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation to help create the Foundation. He believed there should be an award for Ladies of the Household who significantly contribute to the Foundation in some way. Since John’s passing in 2018, the award continues to be fully funded each year by the partners of the McHenry, Hazard, Roth, Hupp, Burkholder, andBlomenberg law firm of Lincoln, Nebraska.  We thank the Firm for their continued support and congratulate the 2023 McHenry Award recepients.

The McHenry Awards Program began in 2010

McHenry Award List