McHenry Award Recipients

     New recipients for the 2022 McHenry Awards.

It is a great pleasure that we announce the 2022 McHenry Awards winners. Each of theses Ladies was nominated by another member. These nominees exhibited a dedication to the Foundation by monetary donations or sharing a significant amount of time or talent to support the Foundation. Although there are many Ladies of the Household that work tirelessly for their own Temples, the McHenry Award was Created to recognize contributions to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. Each of these award winners exhibited one or more of the attributes to receive a McHenry Award.

The McHenry Award is named after John McHenry. John was the lawyer who worked with the founding committee of the Daughters of the Foundation to help create the Foundation. He believed there should be an award for Ladies of the Household who significantly contribute to the Foundation in Some way. Since John’s passing in 2018, the award continues to be fully funded each year by partners of the McHenry, Haszard, Roth, Hupp, Burkholder, Blomenberg and Camplin, PC, LLO law firm of Lincoln, Nebraska.

McHenry Award Recipients for 2022

Glenda Drexel-Conner, Rithmah No. 93

Laura Hall, Ziphron No. 100

Holly Austin, Nydia No. 4

Marilyn Henery, Iras No. 40

Theresa Harley, Milcah No. 77

Maureen Levitt, Mokattam No. 12

Judy C. Smith, Nydia No. 4

Jeanna Standard, Ziphron No. 100

We congratulate all these Ladies for their achievement, and their outstanding support of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation.

The McHenry Award recipients were awarded the lucite Pyramid of Commitment and the corresponding pin with a green colored gem stone to signify they are McHenry Award recipients. 

The McHenry Awards Program began in 2010

McHenry Award List