Holiday Sharing 2017

Vickie Hill, President of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation, presented certificates to the presiding officer of the Temples donating the largest amounts to the Convalescent Relief Account at the 102nd Annual Supreme Session in Cincinnati, Ohio in June of 2018.  The Foundation would like to thank all of the Temples that donated to the Holiday Sharing Project in 2017.  Donations to the Holiday Sharing Project for this year totaled $66,685.59!
2017 Holiday Sharing Winners Announced at 2018 Supreme Session
( Ladies ARE NOT shown in Temple Standings)
Membership 1-99

1st Place are:  Hathor Temple No. 38 – Sioux City, Iowa;  Aretas Temple No. 153 – Michigan City, Indiana and  Ajeb Temple No. 156 – Green Bay Wisconsin
2nd Place is:   Nyla Temple No. 152 – Sarasota, Florida
3rd Place is:   Arok Temple No. 94 – Lewiston, Maine
Membership 100-199

1st Place are:   Airys Temple No. 48 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Addoram Temple No. 95 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2nd Place is:   Bath Zabbia Temple No. 21 – Billings, Montana
3rd Place is:   Mecca Temple No. 34 – San Diego, California
Membership 200-299

1st Place is:  Nefru-Ari Temple No. 17 – Oakland, California
2nd Place is:   El Tehran Temple No. 122 – Atlanta, Georgia
3rd Place is:  Badoura Temple No. 23 – Terre Haute, Indiana
Membership 300 and Up

1st Place is:   Sapphira Temple No. 79 – Helena, Montana
2nd Place is:   Nydia Temple No. 4 – Portland, Oregon
3rd Place is:   Khem Temple No. 85 – Jacksonville, Florida