Legacy of Love Society Memberships Available Until October 15th!

The Daughters of the Nile Foundation kicked off their first-ever 30 Days of Giving campaign on September 15th! Great news, you can still join by enrolling in our recurring pledge program in the amount of $19.99 /month, for a minimum of one year. You may call Foundation Director, Vickie Hill to make your pledge by calling the 1-877-897-7781 ext. 701. If there is no answer leave your name and phone number and you will receive a call back within 24 hours. Those who wish to make a donation but prefer to do a one-time gift in the amount of $100. and receive a Legacy of Love stepping stone in their honor. If you choose, you may make a recurring pledge and a $100.00 donation. The choice is yours!!!!

“Give with Confidence”

Daughters of the Nile Foundation earns a “Give with Confidence” 100/100 Rating from Charity Navigator!

We’re excited to share some news! Daughters of the Nile Foundation have been evaluated by Charity Navigator through their revolutionary Encompass Rating System and received 100 out of 100 ratings!

The Encompass Rating System is a comprehensive evaluation tool that analyzes nonprofit performance based on four key indicators. Charity Navigator’s third-party accreditation validates our organization’s operational excellence.

This milestone achievement for the Daughters of the Nile Foundation couldn’t have happened without you and your support. Thank you for being part of our family as contributors, funders, and volunteers. Your trust in us is what makes the difference to us and the Shriners Hospital for Children (R) that we serve.

You can find our Charity Navigator Encompass rating https://charitynavigator.org and learn more about Charity Navigator and the Encompass Rating System at https://charitynavigator.org/encompass

Thank you for being an integral part of our mission!

Hug Campaign

During the time of social distancing, one of the things we missed the most was the ability to greet friends and loved ones with a great big hug. During that time, the Directors of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation developed a great alternative. And you can still send a hug to that friend and loved one. Although we are back to social engagement you can still reach out with one of these special hugs.  For the meager price of one dollar ($1), you could purchase a darling ‘Hug’ card which you could then give to the special people in your life. What a wonderful gift for your counterparts, members of your Temple, shut-ins, or even your friends who are not members of our Order. They will be especially impressed to know that in addition to giving them a hug, you have also honored them with a donation to our Foundation. ‘Hugs’ can be purchased from the Daughters of the Nile Foundation website under shop. To cover processing costs, a minimum of five (5) ‘Hugs’ must be purchased.