Board Members

2015-2016 Daughters of the Nile Foundation Board of Directors

The thirteen Foundation Board of Directors serving the Foundation work to increase the visibility of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation philanthropy to benefit Shriners Hospital s for Children® and strengthen the Foundation through charitable giving, member,  public donations and corporate contributions.

  • Vickie Hill, President –  Texas, Merak No. 104
  • Doriann Stein, Vice President –  Florida, Tab’Itha No. 135
  • Wanda Dunwoody, Secretary –  Arkansas, Mat-Ta-Nah No. 136
  • Kendell ‘Kendy’ Cusick-Rindone, Treasurer –  Colorado, El Mejdel No. 47
  • Jessica Penn, Executive Committee –  Louisiana, Khafra No. 121
  • Karen Burk –  Montana, Sapphira No. 79
  • Marjorie Clericuzio –  Florida, Shilah No. 151
  • Sharon A. (Sherri) Bracy –  Texas, Rithmah No.93
  • Sue Layman –  Indiana, Isis No. 41
  • Dixie Miller –  Texas, Shimron No. 133
  • B. Ann Comeaux –  Wyoming, Tamah No. 73
  • Nan Galbreath –   Alabama, Aromaz-Dynasty No.163
  • Susan L. Coulter –  Illinois, Alabet No. 31
  • John McHenry –  Nebraska, Attorney-at-Law

IMG_0230Front Row, left to right: John McHenry, Vickie Hill, Doriann Stein

Second Row, left to right: Kendy Cusick-Rindone, Wanda Dunwoody, Jessica Penn

Third Row, left to right: Marjorie Clericuzio, Sherri Bracy, Ann Comeaux

Fourth Row, left to right: Sue Layman, Susan Coulter, Dixie Miller, Nan Galbreath,

Not shown Karen Burk



  • Board Applications and Recruitment:  Dixie Miller, Marjorie Clericuzio, Jessica Penn
  • Board Evaluation: Vickie Hill, John McHenry
  • Budget/Finance: Susan Coulter, Marjorie Clericuzio, Karen Burk
  • Bylaws Liaison: Vickie Hill, John McHenry
  • Charitable Giving: Doriann Stein, Nan Galbreath
  • Donor Development: Sue Layman, Vickie Hill, Jessica Penn
  • Historical Comparison: Sue Layman
  • Holiday Sharing Ann Comeaux
  • Hospital Appropriations: Wanda Dunwoody
  • Insurance: Kendy Cusick-Rindone
  • Investment: Kendy Cusick-Rindone, Sue Layman, Sherri Bracy
  • Mabel R. Krows Legacy Society: Ann Comeaux
  • Mentor Program: Susan Coulter, Dixie Miller, Karen Burk
  • Orientation of Board Members/Directors Manual:  Karen Burk, Susan Coulter, Dixie Miller
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: Karen Burk, Doriann Stein
  • Planned Giving: Vickie Hill
  • Policy Review: Susan Coulter, John McHenry
  • Publications Review: Sue Layman
  • Regional Development: Vickie Hill, Jessica Penn, Sue Layman
  • Strategic Planning:  Susan Coulter, John McHenry
  • Travel: Wanda Dunwoody
  • Website/Newsletter/Printing: Jessica Penn, Sherri Bracy
  • Wills and Bequests: Barbara Lawrence

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