Board Members

Back row left to right: David Craft, FNBO, Margaret Silvers, Marsha Schandelmier, Joanne Lerud-Heck, Barbara Lampi, and Chris Bloomberg.
Front row left to right:
Herbie Kay Lundquist, Barbara Adkins, Maria Boyer-Jensen, Sarah Dolliver, Carolyn Dobbs, Vickie Hill, Charlla Sistrunk, Cindy Vann and Kathy Gough. Photo taken: Vanessa Alexander, FNBO.

Daughters of the Nile Foundation

Board of Directors
2023- 2024

The thirteen members of the Foundation Board of Directors work to increase the visibility of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation’s philanthropy to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children® and strengthen our mission through charitable giving, member participation,  public donations and corporate contributions.

  • Herbie Kay Lundquist, President – Texas, Ruh Neb No. 64
  • Joanne Lerud-Heck, Vice President, Colorado, El Mejdel No. 47
  • Margaret Silvers, Secretary – California, Islam, No. 25
  • Kathy Gough, Treasurer – New Mexico, Yucca No. 74
  • Barbara Adkins, Executive Committee – Nebraska, Naphis No. 66
  • Carolyn Dobbs – New Mexico, Yucca No. 74
  • Sarah Dolliver – Colorado, El Mejdel No. 47
  • Vickie Hill – Texas, Merak No. 104 
  • Barbara Lampi – Washington, Hatasu No. 1
  • Marsha Schandelmier – California, Nefru-Ari No.17
  • Charlla Sistrunk – Mississippi, El Kanah No.142
  • Maria Boyer-Jensen – Wisconsin, Shelomoth, No. 106
  • Cindy Vann – Florida, Panama City Agapa, No. 155
  • Muriel Knapp, Agent of Record – Washington, Hatasu No. 1
  • Chris Blomenberg – Nebraska, Attorney-at-Law