Board Members

Daughters of the Nile Foundation Board of Directors
2020- 2021

The thirteen members of the Foundation Board of Directors work to increase the visibility of the Daughters of the Nile Foundation’s philanthropy to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children® and strengthen our mission through charitable giving, member participation,  public donations and corporate contributions.

  • Carolyn Dobbs, President – New Mexico, Yucca No. 74
  • Herbie Kay Lundquist, Vice President/Asst. Treasurer – Texas, Ruh Neb No. 64
  • Carol Hefley, Secretary – Texas, Shalman No. 90
  • Marsha Schandelmier, Treasurer – California, Nefru-Ari No.17
  • Susan L. Coulter, Executive Committee – Illinois, Alabet No. 31
  • Muriel Knapp, Agent of Record – Washington, Hatasu No. 1
  • Barbara Adkins – Nebraska, Naphis No. 66
  • Barbara Lampi – Washington, Hatasu No. 1
  • Charlla Sistrunk – Mississippi, El Kanah No.142
  • Jackie Holloway – Idaho, Iras No. 40
  • Joanne Lerud-Heck, Colorado, El Mejdel No. 47
  • Kathy Walliker – Oregon, Nydia No. 4
  • Marget Silvers – California, Islam, No. 25
  • Chris Blomenberg – Nebraska, Attorney-at-Law

2020-2021 Committees

  • Board Applications: Muriel Knapp, Susan Coulter
  • Board Evaluation: Muriel Knapp, Chris Blomenberg
  • Budget Committee: Susan Coulter, Muriel Knapp, Kathy Walliker
  • Constant Contact: Charlla Sistrunk, Barbara Lampi, Jessica Penn
  • Investments Committee: Marsha Schandelmier, Barbara Lampi, Joni Lerud-Heck
  • Finance Committee: Barbara Adkins, Margaret Silvers, Jackie Holloway
  • Foundation Board of Directors Manual: Susan Coulter, Margaret Silvers, Muriel Knapp
  • Document Quality Control: Muriel Knapp
  • Director Orientation Committee:  Barbara Lampi, Muriel Knapp 
  • Donor Management Committee:  Carol Hefley, Susan Coulter, Herbie Kay Lundquist, Nan Galbreath
  • Event Planning: Carol Hefley, Margaret Silvers, Jackie Holloway, Wanda Dunwoody
  • Foundation Recognition Awards: Wanda Dunwoody
  • Fundraising events: Hebie Kay Lundquist, Barbara Adkins
  • Holiday Sharing: Barbara Lampi, Kathy Walliker
  • Hospital Appropriations: Carolyn Dobbs, Kathy Walliker
  • Hospital Equipment Allocation: Carolyn Dobbs, Kathy Walliker
  • Insurance Committee – Barbara Adkins
  • Mabel R. Krows Legacy Society: Joni Lerud-Heck
  • McHenry Awards: Barbara Lampi, Muriel Knapp
  • My Gift Program: Barbara Adkins, Herbie Kay Lundquist
  • Newsletter: Muriel Knapp, Carolyn Dobbs
  • Parliamentarian:  Muriel Knapp
  • Planned Giving: Joni Lerud-Heck
  • Promotional Materials Committee: Carol Hefley, Margaret Silvers
  • Silent Auction Baskets/Rose Garden: Herbie Kay Lundquist, Marsha Schandelmier, Jackie Holloway
  • Social Media/Facebook:  Charlla Sistrunk, Kathy Walliker
  • Strategic Planning: Carol Hefley, Jackie Holloway
  • The Foundation Club:  Carol Hefley, Margaret Silvers, Jackie Holloway, Wanda Dunwoody
  • Website/Communications:  Charlla Sistrunk, Jessica Penn
  • Wills and Bequests: Joni Lerud-Heck, Herbie Kay Lundquist, Carol Hefley
  • White Rose Society: Joni Lerud-Heck

Please note the Chairperson for each committee is listed first and the                                     President is an Ex-Offico member on all committees.