Pain-free Giving



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Would you make a gift to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation and join the Foundation in working for the children if the gift did not impact your cash flow, the way you live or your family security?  You can name the Foundation to receive assets in the future from your estate or you immediately can give assets to the Foundation that are out of sight or out of mind to you. These are the gifts that we call “Pain-free” because it doesn’t change your current lifestyle and leaves your current financial planning unchanged.

The “Pain-free” methods are:


·    Bequests made to the Foundation through your Will or Trust. These gifts take effect only after your other obligations have ended. Go to Gifts by Will or Trust to learn more.


·    Designating the Foundation as a beneficiary of your 401K, IRA or other type of retirement account. The Foundation doesn’t pay income tax or estate tax on these monies and neither does your family. Go to Gifts from Retirement Accounts to learn more.


·     Transfer of securities, real estate or other assets that have greatly appreciated in value to the Foundation avoids the capital gains tax. Go to Gifts of Appreciated Assets to learn more.


·    Transfer of a life insurance policy to the Foundation lets you make a significant gift without having a large estate. It is an easy way to leverage less cash into large dollars for the children. Go to Gifts of Life Insurance to learn more.