2020 Rose Garden Winners Announced

The Rose Garden Winners in 2020

The Daughters of the Nile Foundation is grateful to everyone who purchased a Rose this year!  We thank everyone who kept our Roses blooming, and Congratulations to our Top 10 Master Gardeners and all their helpers! A big THANK YOU to all the members who participated in planting Roses in the Rose Garden. Total contributed for 2020 was $25,184. The contest started over January 1, 2021 and will continue until December 31, 2021. This is such a good way to reach out to friends or family for get well wishes, birthday or anniversary wishes, thank you notes, love or sympathy.

1st Place
Shalman Temple No. 90
Dallas, Texas

2nd Place
Iras Temple No.40
Boise, Idaho

3rd Place
Rithmah Temple No. 93
Fort Worth, Texas

4th Place
Nydia Temple No. 4
Portland, Oregon

5th Place
Aromaz-Dynasty Temple No.163
Irondale, Alabama

6th Place
Nokadah Temple No. 44
San Antonio, Texas

7th Place
El Mejdel Temple No.47
Denver, Colorado

8th Place
Mat-Ta-Nah Temple No. 136
Little Rock, Arkansas

9th Place
Nefru-Ari Temple No. 17
Oakland, California

10th Place
Ziphron Temple No.100
San Angelo, Texas