The Foundation Club

The Daughters of the Nile Foundation welcomed twenty-eight (28) Subordinate Daughters of the Nile Temples that made donations of $10,000 or ABOVE to the Foundation in 2016.   This event welcomes these Temples as members of The Foundation Club for 2016 and honors their hard work and commitment to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation.

Shirley Henley, Supreme Princess Tirzah was introduced by Vickie Hill, President of Daughters of the Nile Foundation.  The group welcomed Chris Smith, Imperial Potentate and his  First Lady Ethel along with Kenneth G. Craven, Imperial Second Ceremonial Master and his Lady Jennifer.

Vickie Hill, Foundation President and Chris Smith, Imperial Potentate presented each Subordinate Temple with a lucite a plaque as Doriann Stein, Vice President of the Foundation introduced them.   In appreciation for these ladies and their Temples,  Vickie Hill, President ended the event with a champagne toast.



List of Major Donors for 2016