The Foundation Club

The Daughters of the Nile Foundation

Proudly Recognizes and Honors the following Temples as 2022 Members of The Foundation Club. Their generosity has improved the lives of each child who has been a patient at a Shrine Hospital.

The Queen and one other member from each of these Temples will be honored at a special reception at Supreme Session to thank them for donating at least $10,000 during 2022 to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation.

Thank you and congratulations to these generous and hard‐working Temples!


Naphis Temple No. 66307,810.50
Iras Temple No. 40258,407.68
Mecca Temple No. 34132,223.00
Rithmah Temple No. 9341,605.00
Isis Temple No. 4132,201.00
Shalman Temple No. 9028,783.84
Allah Temple No. 2827,165.00
Dorcas Temple No. 12921,700.62
Sapphira Temple No. 7919,895.34
Menzaleh Temple No. 1619,262.09
Islam Temple No. 2518,324.00
Nydia Temple No. 417,992.00
Merak Temple No. 10417,712.00
Milcah Temple No. 7717,499.20
Elim Temple No. 7616,934.67
Shimron Temple No. 13316,819.00
Hatasu Temple No.115,765.99
Aromaz-Dynasty Temple No. 16315,636.10
Teti Sheri Temple No. 6015,314.22
Nefru-Ari Temple No. 1714,843.50
Mokattam Temple No. 1214,827.35
Zitta Temple No. 2714,203.51
Yucca Temple No. 7413,171.71
El Mejdel Temple No. 4712,709.50
Ruhamah Temple No. 7111,137.00
Alabet Temple No. 3110,775.00
El Kanah Temple No. 14210,273.00
Dynasty-Amenna No 16410,180.09
Zenobia Temple No.810,000.00