The Foundation Club

The Daughters of the Nile Foundation welcomed thirty-five (35) Subordinate Daughters of the Nile Temples that made donations of $10,000 or ABOVE to the Foundation in 2018.   This event welcomes these Temples as members of The Foundation Club for 2018 and honors their hard work and commitment to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation.

 Doriann Stein, President of the Foundation introduced and welcomed Jim Cain, Imperial Potentate of Shriners and Patsy,  his First Lady, to the event.

Doriann Stein, Foundation President and Jim Cain, Imperial Potentate presented each Subordinate Temple with a lucite a plaque as Jessica Penn, Vice President of the Foundation introduced them.   In appreciation for these ladies and their Temples,  Doriann Stein, ended the event with a Champagne Toast.                    

Iras Temple No. 40, Boise, ID - Carol McGinnis, Queen


Iras Temple No. 40
Boise, ID
Carol McGinnis, Queen

Rithmah Temple No. 93, Ft. Worth, TX, Carmen Baker, Queen



                                                                            Rithmah Temple No. 93
Fort Worth, TX
Carmen Baker, Queen                                 


Mecca Temple No. 34
San Diego, CA
Sheila Kennedy, Queen



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