2023 – Hemsut Ornament – 25th in the series – Final


Hemsut was the goddess of fate and protection. She is representative of vital spark of the human soul. Her headdress bears a shield, above which are two crossed arrows. She was also depicted as a women cradling children in her arms. The shield headdress offers protection for children. Another association of the Goddess Hemsut was the personification of the creative potential in primeval water from which everything was created. In other words, Hemsut assisted in the creation of all things. Hemsut offered protection for children, as do Daughters of the Nile today. We want the best for child and offer hope, trust and love.

In 1999 the ornament series begin with the understanding each ornament was inspired by the history of the Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. The remarkable similarities of the power that each Goddess processed and the beliefs of Daughters of the Nile allows for a deeper appreciation of our organization’s ancestry and a greater respect for our mission to “take care of the children.” Daughters of the Nile stand ready to share of ourselves, to give from the heart, and offer hope to the children of Shriners Hospitals.

Congratulations and a hearty “Thank You” to all Nile members who have helped children have a better quality of life through your donation and in return, a gift of an ornament for yourself.




Goddess of Fate and Protection

The twenty-and last in the series of ornaments

This series of ornaments is unique in that each one is designed to reflect the Egyptian heritage of Daughters of the Nile. In June each year, a new ornament is introduced at Supreme Session, and the previous year’s ornament is retired at the end of each June. The current year’s ornament is available for a lower contribution than those that have been retired. This is a wonderful gift and creates a lovely collection.

25th in the series.

Final in the Series

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